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Inside the Tower of Babble: My Close Encounter With Donald Trump.

19 Oct
rtro3iiHow I was invited into Trump’s Tower while covering the launch of The Apprentice for Advertising Age. A Business Insider exclusive.

Colorado Venture Fund: Startup or Letdown?

2 Mar

A Montrose Daily Press Report

A Populist’s Prayer: Fred Harris

3 Jan

My Politico exclusive about the “Godfather” of American Populism, Oklahoma Senator Fred Harris.


Politico: The Godfather Of Populism

Madison + Vine’s Unconventional Duo – Revisited

26 Jul

A move that will no doubt raise eyebrows-and prompt some hoots of disbelief…

MPG Entertainment.
Wall Street Journal, August 31, 2004

Book Review: In the Godfather Garden

24 Jul

Boot-Philadelphia Review of Books

A glowing review of In the Godfather Garden: The Long Life and Times of Richie The Boot Boiardo in the distinguished Philadelphia Review of Books. A good article; the review actually starts about halfway through the piece.

Imagine a Boot Stamping on a Human Face Forever | The Philadelphia Review of Books

George of the Jungle

23 Apr

George and Me at Hurley's

Here is George Hamilton and I in Phnom Penh, at Hurley Scroggin’s Cantina on the Mekong River in February 2010. George came to Southeast Asia to attend the unveiling of a memorial honoring the memory of journalists and friends who were killed or went missing when the Vietnam War expanded into Cambodia in the early 1970s. Sean Flynn, the son of Errol and an ace photojournalist who disappeared in the Cambodian War, was a close friend of George’s, so he came to pay homage. George fit right into the Southeast Asia expat scene. He stayed at a modest hotel, frequented Hurley’s wonderful dive and motored about town in a flimsy Tuk Tuk while I followed, riding a moto with Tim Page as a passenger. Marianne Harris, Page’s better half, and Michael Hayes, the founder of the Phnom Penh Post, rounded out this memorable entourage.

A sitdown in Jersey!

16 May

Richard Linnett and Roger Hanos

Roger Hanos, grandson of Richie the Boot, and I flank journalist Steve Adubato. We taped a session with Steve for his “One On One” show. That made it “One On Two” or better yet “Toe to Toe” as we engaged in a spirited debate about my new biography of the Boot, “The Godfather Garden” and the stigma of Mafia stereotyping for Italian Americans. Steve is a great debater, one of the best. Thankfully, I came prepared. I wore my Ferragamo nosepickers. Watch the fireworks on “One on One.” The show is part of Thirteen/ WNET’s late night television line-up airing nightly at 12:o0 a.m. after Charlie Rose and Tavis Smiley. Our episode airs Sunday, June 30th at 12:00pm on NJTV. Repeating on public television stations WLIW 21, WLIW World and WHYY, and on FiOS 1, Verizon’s New Jersey channel and The Comcast Network. In the meantime, check out my website:

The Gospel According to Peter; Arnell on a Mission

5 Sep


Arnell on a Mission

This is a vintage cover story I wrote for Advertising Age about a mad dog of Madison Ave. A truly larger than life character.


Nolan vs. the Khmer Rouge

1 Apr


The Curious Case of McKinley Nolan

The search for answers in the McKinley Nolan story continues. In this article in the June 2011 of Vietnam Magazine, just out on newstands, I follow up with McKinley’s brother Michael Nolan as he presses his legal case against the leaders of the Khmer Rouge for the murder of his brother.  Thanks to his brilliant Cambodian legal team, Michael was officially accepted as one of a handful of Western plaintiffs in the UN sponsored Khmer Rouge tribunal. And in another rare move, The Disappearance of McKinley Nolan, Henry Corra’s intense documentary film about Michael’s search for his brother was submitted as evidence in the case. The film joins a select company of new documentaries that have appeared as evidence in criminal cases including Joe Berlinger’s Crude: The Real Price of Oil – outtakes were subpoenaed in a pollution lawsuit against Chevron this year – and Marina Zenovich’s Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, which was cited by Polanski’s defense lawyers as they sought to dismiss a statutory rape case against the famous director in 2009.

Lost in the Killing Fields

17 Feb

Lost In the Killing Fields

The Disappearance of McKinley Nolan, an incredible documentary directed by Henry Corra and produced by actor Danny Glover is making another festival run.  This article, Lost in the Killing Fields, which appeared in Penthouse in 2008, is a behind the scenes snapshot of the film before it was finished. Just so you get the picture, the greatest journalist of our generation, Jon Lee Anderson, who writes for The New Yorker, called the film “Profoundly moving. An unexpected reminder that in America’s closet labeled ‘Vietnam’ there are not only skeletons, but ghosts.” And globetrotting thespian George Hamilton, who saw the film at a sneak peek screening in Phnom Penh, called the film “A visceral road-run through a landscape of faces, emotions, pain and war. Michael Nolan is an incredible presence; he fills the screen with his tireless and noble spirit.”  For more info check out: